The Beauty Of Owning An Asphalt Driveway

Most homes have concrete driveways and sidewalks on the outside. But cement isn't the only great solution for your driveway. Many people are choosing to pour an asphalt driveway instead of using concrete. There are many situations where asphalt is going to be more practical and less expensive. This article looks at the key differences between the two materials, especially when it comes to their use on a driveway.

On a Steep Driveway

Some driveways are quite steep. Pavement can be poured onto any steep surface with ease. This creates a smooth walking and driving surface that is free of cracks or stress joints. It is worth noting that pavement is slightly more slippery than concrete when it gets wet. But this is not really going to be an issue unless you have an extremely steep driveway.

On a Long Driveway

Why does it seem like asphalt is more common on long driveways? Simply, asphalt is cheaper than concrete. So it makes sense that homeowners that need to pour such large driveways are trying to cut their costs with a more affordable material.

Connecting With the Road

Many driveways are seamlessly connected to the road. Since most residential roads are also paved, you can have a smoother transition if your driveway is paved.


If you have light-colored dirt near your driveway, it could be more noticeable when it gets dirty. That is, light dirt will stand out more on a black asphalt driveway. On the other hand, dark dirt might remain more hidden. Regardless, pavement is much easier to clean than concrete. It is not nearly as porous, so it doesn't get permeated by dirt. Even just a light spray down with a hose can give your surface a thorough cleaning, making it look nice and black.

Long-Term Care

As with any product, you need to think about all of the possible repairs and patches you might need to make over the years. Asphalt is one of the easiest materials to work with. There are affordable asphalt patching products and sealcoats sold at most home improvement stores. These patching materials are not only easy to apply, but they are also affordable. So it is simple to make running repairs to your asphalt over the years. You can also have a slurry seal applied every few years. This fresh new coat will basically restore the original color and feel of your asphalt driveway.

In every way, asphalt is a prime driveway choice. For more information on driveway installation, look at websites such as