Professional And DIY Asphalt Repair Options

As with most structural construction repairs, there are many ways to fix damaged asphalt. Some products and techniques work better for certain types of damage. Some solutions are cheaper and could be easy for DIYers to work with. Others can only be practically applied by licensed contractors who have the tools and experience to handle the work. This guide to various types of asphalt repair should help you figure out what is going to be the best way to fix your specific problem.

Large Potholes

First of all, large holes in your asphalt should be left to the pros. If you have holes that are more than 6" deep and wide, you shouldn't try to fix them on your own with over the counter products. These holes will be filled with a warm mix asphalt. Importantly, the pros can also examine the hole and see what is causing it. If you simply fill in your hole with a cold formula product, you might not be able to stop the hole from growing. Professionals will make sure that the subsoil underneath and around the hole are not hollowed out. If so, they will reinforce these hollow spots by filling them.

Small Cracks

When it comes to small stress and pressure cracks around your asphalt, you can fix them with a few products. Slurry seal is a liquid gel that can be poured into and over the cracks. It is specifically a crack filler, but it can work fine for smoothing over small cracks. There are also asphalt tape products that can be easily applied on top of cracks. 

These tapes are very sticky and can even be pressed down onto old concrete. However, the tape covers are area much wider than the actual crack. Basically, it takes a small problem and makes it bigger. These are also asphalt crack filler which is meant to just go into the crack. It is a liquid that dries to be a bit rubbery. This rubber finish can peel away over the years and isn't always the most permanent solution.

All of these solutions, whether they are DIY or done by pros will look best if you apply an overlay to your surface after all of the cracks and holes are filled. An overlay is basically a new lease on life for your asphalt. It reseals it and brings back a solid black color to your ground. For more information, contact a company like J R Paving Co.