Damaged Pavement: Fix It Yourself Or Hire Pros

Pavement repair, whether it be concrete or asphalt, is a bit of a mixed bag. Some most small repairs, like filling in cracks is a very cheap and easy. However, there are often repairs that need to be handled by professionals. This article should help you decide if your problem is something you can fix yourself, or if you need to hire a professional paving contractor.

Hiring Pros for Your Problem

Whenever the crack in your pavement goes all the way through to the soil underneath, you should hire professionals. This means that your pavement is just going to continue cracking, even if you fill the hole with asphalt or concrete patch. This is usually the result of a large tree root causing the soil to shift underneath your pavement. Often, the solution to this problem not only involves patching the pavement, but also getting rid of the tree root. Professionals will assess the situation, and figure out the best solution. This might mean removing most of the existing concrete and starting from scratch after the tree root is removed. Or, they might simply put a more durable patch over the crack, and then pave the entire surface, hoping that the extra weight will hold down and prevent any further shifting. Either way, it is best to let professionals, check it out and see what they suggest.

Patches You Can Handle On Your Own

If you just have a crack or ding in your asphalt, you can easily patch it using some sealcoating. Also commonly referred to as cold formula asphalt patch, sealcoating is easy to work with, if a bit messy. The same is true for small blemishes and cosmetic cracks on concrete surfaces. These can be easily filled concrete filler you don't want to use traditional cement mix to patch small holes in concrete. The cement mix will not stick well to the existing concrete. Concrete patch on the other hand, is mixed with glued that will enable it to adhere strongly to the old concrete. These patches can be sloppily spread over the cracks and flattened down using squeegee or plastic putty knives. The work is actually very simple.

In conclusion, if the problem looks too big to fix yourself, then it is. Don't waste your time filling large cracks that are just going to continue growing need to be refilled in a matter of months or even weeks.