Garden Improvements That Will Help Increase Your Property Value

Making improvements to your garden is an excellent way to increase your property value while optimizing its overall appeal. Luckily, you don't have to completely redesign your garden or move it to a new location to improve it. Here are a few effective ways to improve on your garden and make it shine for many years to come:

Incorporate a Retaining Wall

To ensure that the soil you put in your garden doesn't erode and wash away as time goes on, consider having a small retaining wall built around it. A retaining wall will also provide extra stability for any sloped areas of your garden. And, because they can be built with many different types of materials and created with a wide variety of design options, you can expect your retaining wall to improve the overall look and feel of your garden. After your service provider builds the retaining wall, you should add a fresh layer of soil and fertilizer to the garden to ensure that the surface is even.

Create a Border Using Lattice

By using lattice to create a short border around your garden, you can grow vine plants and vegetables in front of it which will result in a living fence after everything has a couple of months to grow. Consider painting the lattice before installing it against your retaining wall to give the garden some extra color that helps to make the space pop when flowers aren't in full bloom. For even more color, grow red and yellow bell peppers and other colorful vegetable plants along the lattice. The plants will grow up against the lattice, so the fruits hang off it when they grow.  

Improve Mobility With Stones

If your garden is too large to solely tend from the outside of the retaining wall and lattice, you'll need to make mobility easy within the garden. You can do this by planting your foliage in rows at least a foot apart from each other and then placing stepping stones in between the plant rows so you can walk up and down the rows to water, trim, and fertilize everything. Put a little fine gravel under each stepping stone you use in the garden to help ensure that they don't sink into the ground unevenly as they get walked on throughout the years.

Consider using all these ideas in combination with one another to optimize the look, feel, and function of your garden while increasing your property's overall value at the same time.