How To Reseal And Patch A Blacktop Driveway

Typically, blacktop driveways are a popular choice because they are neat and easy to maintain. With regular cleaning, sealcoating, and repair, your driveway can serve you for many years. Here are a few tips on how to seal and fill cracks on your driveway so as to keep it bright and structurally intact.

Resealing your driveway

Sealing your driveway essentially protects the underlying asphalt layer from damage caused by the elements. Be sure to reseal your driveway just prior to winter or before the scorching heat of the summer.

To begin with, use a stiff broom to remove all debris on the blacktop surface that could interfere with the adherence of the sealant material. For stubborn oil stains and other contaminants that won't come off easily, a wire brush could be used to scrub the surface and eliminate them. Avoid using a hose to clean the asphalt, as you need the surface to be completely dry before resealing.

Next, divide your driveway into small sections and apply asphalt sealer, spreading it on one section at a time using a long handled squeegee. This will ensure that you don't miss a spot. For added protection, consider adding a second layer of sealer within a few days of the first application.

Patching your driveway

Cracks on a blacktop surface are disastrous if not patched in time, as they allow for water to infiltrate the asphalt and damage the structure of your driveway. Inspecting your driveway periodically is the only sure way to catch small cracks before they deteriorate.

Once you locate a small crack, clean it out with a wire brush and then fill it asphalt crack filler. Use a caulking gun to apply the filler so as to avoid overfilling the crack and causing it to bulge and expand. Next, use a trowel to smooth the surface and allow the caulking to dry before applying sealant on the patched up area.

For cracks that are about an inch wide, you will need to patch up the damage using a mixture of sand and blacktop sealer. Pack the paste into the crack and smooth it with the surrounding surface using a trowel. Wait to see if the paste settles deeper into the crack and add more so as to level the crack. Finally, smooth the area and allow it to dry before applying asphalt sealer.

For extensive damage such as wide holes, consider calling in a driveway blacktop service to patch up the damage. A company like Arrow Blacktop & Masonry Inc can offer further advice.