Follow These 2 Tips To Make You Curb Appeal Sizzle

If you are tired of the way your home looks outside, there are many things you can do to make your curb appeal sizzle. This will not only be satisfying for you, but if you ever sell your home in the future, it will likely raise the value. Follow the two tips below so you can add to your home's curb appeal.


Landscaping is a great place to get started with your exterior home makeover. Keep your yard well-manicured in the front, side, and the back.  Trim any bushes you have if they need it. Plant some flowers and flowering bushes.

Landscape lighting adds appeal to your landscaping at night. If you have a pathway, put lighting down each side of it. This not only looks great but will add safety if someone walks down the path at night. If you have a garage, mount a decorative lantern on each side of the door.

For your front entrance, use some mini lights under benches, railing, or steps. You could also put a spotlight in the branches of one of your nearby trees.

Hire a landscape designer to come to your home. They can not only help you with your landscaping, but they can help you design your landscape lighting and install the lighting for you.


If your driveway has not been replaced in a long time and it is showing wear and tear, this can be an eyesore to anyone that drives or walks by your home or drives up your driveway.  There are different types of driveway materials you can choose from, two of which are listed below:


Asphalt driveways are black, and you cannot change the color, but the new driveway will look much better and add appeal. They are not as expensive as other driveway options, however. The average price is $2,300 to $10,300 depending on how wide and long your driveway is. If you live in a cold region, this type of driveway can be very beneficial. This is because due to the black color, the driveway retains heat, which will melt snow and ice much quicker when compared to other driveway materials, such as concrete.


Concrete can be stained any color that you want, which provides a unique driveway for you. You can also polish or texture the concrete. There are concrete pavers that you can use to mimic the look of things like stone or brick. Concrete pavers come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can use them to make your own design on your driveway. Pavers are also beneficial because if one of them gets a crack, you can move the individual paver and replace it instead of having to repair the driveway.

For more information about upgrading your landscaping or driveway, contact the experts at companies like Northern Asphalt LLC