Protecting Your Driveway From Heavy Trucks And Traffic

If your property has a driveway leading to it, you may experience some issues with heavy vehicles using the space to turn or park. Residential driveways are not typically constructed with these large trucks or equipment in mind, and this may cause premature deterioration to your surface. Over time, the damage can break-down your driveway and even facilitate damage to your own vehicles.

Some things that you can do to prevent this wear and tear are as follows:

Post the property. The easiest thing you can do to prevent this issue is to post your property as being private, and use signs, chains, and fencing to protect your driveway from use by others. This may require some further information regarding where your property lines actually are, which a land surveyor should be able to provide. Sometimes a simple sign can be an effective deterrent for trucks that want to use your driveway as a pit-stop.

Choose surfacing materials wisely. The material that you use on your driveway can make a big difference in terms of how much traffic it can withstand. Cities and highway crews use asphalt for roads as it is very durable, resilient, and resistant to most elements though it does become soft in extremely hot conditions. 

Pay attention to pot-holes. If you should discover a pot-hole on your property, have it filled sooner instead of later. Delaying may make the pot-hole much worse and it could require a complete resurfacing of your driveway. Depending on the material used to surface your driveway, you might be able to fill in your own pothole using a combination of sand and gravel.

Buy barricades that are cohesive with curb appeal. Another way to prevent big trucks and heavy equipment from using your driveway to turn around is to set up some sort of barricade. To maintain your home's curb appeal, choose things like decorative fencing, large planters, or even raised garden beds to prevent access to your pavement. Be careful to position these barriers so that you still have access to your property and a place to park your car!

Talk with paving contractors about resilient surfaces that will hold-up to heavy traffic, while also protecting your own vehicle on your driveway. Deter turning and trespassing traffic by posting your property lines, as well as by protecting your spaces with clever barriers. Select surfacing materials carefully, and ask contractors like those found at Gann Asphalt & Concrete about sealing your driveway to further protect it and make it last.