How To De-Pave An Asphalt Driveway

If you currently have an asphalt driveway, but are hoping for a new driveway made of a different material, you will need to dig it up and start fresh. While some driveway materials can be paved over asphalt, this can cause problems you will need to address later. Here are some tips and suggestions for de-paving your asphalt driveway in preparation for a new driveway to be installed.

Rent a Tractor

Removing an asphalt driveway, even a small one, is a big drop. You need some heavy-duty equipment not only to break up the material, but to haul it away. Renting a tractor is a great way to do this. There are companies that rent heavy construction equipment by the hour and the day, so consider what the best use will be. Renting by the day is usually preferred because then you don't feel rushed to complete the job. Make sure the tractor has a scarifier attachment at one end with a backhoe arm, and a skip-loader at the other end.

Rent a Dump Truck and Flat Trailer

There are also a few other things you need for hauling away the asphalt driveway. First of all, you need a dump truck. This is going to help you haul away the asphalt chunks that you are able to break up with the tractor. You will most likely be able to rent it from the same place you rented the tractor from. Choose a dump truck with an automatic transmission, as they are easier for beginners to use. You will also need a flat trailer to transport the tractor, unless the rental place offers delivery of heavy equipment.

Begin Digging Up the Asphalt

With your equipment ready, it is time to start digging. Before you do so, be sure you are protected with sturdy boots, long sleeves, gloves, and head and eye protection. Some debris will be flying up when you use the tractor, so you should be protecting your eyes from harm. When digging up the asphalt, start at the lowest end of your driveway.

Begin working up the driveway heading toward the upper end of it. The tractor will have forward and reverse levers to make it easy to use. You will use the forward lever to put the backhoe arm down onto the ground, allowing the scarifier to sink into the driveway. When you pull it up, it will pull up chunks of asphalt with it. Load the sections of asphalt into the dump truck.

Keep in mind that if you have a large driveway, the dump truck might get full and will need to be hauled to a processing plant before finishing the job. Hopefully you won't need more than one or two trips, but this depends on the size of the truck bed and how much asphalt you are hauling away.

Finish the Job

There may be some smaller pieces of asphalt that didn't make it to the dump truck by using the tractor arms. If this is the case, you can use a shovel or get down and use your hands to get them into the dump truck. Having some asphalt paver helpers is highly recommended.